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If you have a lot of employees that routinely work from home, you will understand the problems that can arise without the correct management. Although working from home is a better way to work for many people, there are issues that you will need to address.

It can sometimes be a lonely way to work, without the social interaction of the office environment. Remote workers can also feel isolated and out of the loop, but there are ways to prevent these things from happening.

Social Interaction
Feeling part of a team is something many people like about the office environment, along with the social element of sharing stories and photos. You can try to replicate this with your remote workers by setting up a Facebook group. You can either have all employees including those in the office involved, or just those working from home.

It will allow them the interact with each other about things other than work, and it will prevent isolation.

Video Conferencing
Talking with people face to face is a big part of a human being’s social interaction. One way you can do this is by using video conferencing such as Skype to chat to your colleagues. You can organise one to one meetings as well as group chats so that everyone can be involved.

You can even share slides and documents with each other so that no-one misses out on important information.

Call Instead of Message
You might not always realise the importance of speaking to someone rather than sending an email. There are many things that can be misunderstood in an email, and a phone call can quickly clarify any potential issues.

Encourage your remote workers to use the phone to call you or their colleagues if they need a quick reply, or if they are confused by something. 

Shared Documents
It can be quite frustrating if a document you need isn’t available. It can be twice as bad if you are not in the office to look for it or ask around. By having all the documents shared among all workers, you will not only increase your productivity but also lessen the occasions when documents cannot be found.

Applications such as Office 365 Business can help you to set up shared documents as well as remote conference calling. This flexible way of working can be a valuable tool to preventing remote worker isolation.

Maintain Working Hours
Part of a successful working from home environment is being able to separate your work time from your home time. It can become a little blurred at times, especially if you are behind on your work. That is why it is important to make sure your remote employees are sticking to their hours and are not tempted to do a little extra work.

Working from home can be a huge success for businesses. However, you have to ensure that the relationship between you and your employees is maintained and any issues are corrected before problems occur.