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Hints & Tips

The internet is more prevalent than ever with anonymous business browsing highlighting lost opportunities.

Google statistics say that business buyers do not contact suppliers until 57% of the purchase process is complete.

The challenge is now for you and your clients to be present at all times. 70% of B2B buyers will purchase products or services from the first supplier that they speak too.

We are a premium partner with a leading web analysis system enabling our us to offer our clients increased visibility on website visitors. Through this our clients will be able to get a greater return on investment from their website, on line and lead generation spending.

Call Elaine today on 0151 653 3338 to discuss how your organisation could benefit from;

1) Seeing the companies that visit your website

2) Seeing which pages visitors to your website look at

3) Seeing which search engine they came from

4) Seeing how many times they visit your site

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