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Hints & Tips

IT Training, Social Media, Digital Engagement, CRM.

Hints & Tips
  • Respond to tweets/status updates talking about you and your brand.
  • Link to your content wisely and sparingly to avoid looking too promotional.
  • Do market research and gain knowledge with polls and surveys.
  • Share what you’re doing so people learn about the type of work you do. Do this on occasion rather than all day long.
  • Write honest and valuable recommendations for your contacts on sources.
  • Post discounts, coupons and package deals.
  • Mention when you’re attending or speaking at an upcoming event.
  • Use a photo of yourself or a suitable image.
  • Mix up the tweet types to include retweets (RT), @replies, original thoughts, and links to other people’s content (not just your own).
  • Finally, Think quality not quantity.


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