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Hints & Tips

IT Training, Social Media, Digital Engagement, CRM.

Hints & Tips
  • Share information that is useful for prospective clients or employers / employees to enhance your reputation.
  • Help others with problems.
  • Share tips related to your business and work-life balance.
  • Provide selected highlights from a conference or event.
  • Report industry, company, world and other news that’s related to your business – with your own feedback.
  • Link to articles and content posted elsewhere with a summary of why it’s valuable.
  • Combine your social media approach: e.g. when someone asks a question in Twitter, respond briefly with a link to your blog on your website with the detailed response.
  • Research prospects before meeting them. You can gain a lot of valuable information just from scanning their tweets, profile and contacts.
    Get referrals/give referrals.
  • Spread your status updates throughout the day, rather than posting the all at once, as people check social media at different times of the day


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