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If you are in on line retail or have an e-commerce web site, Black Friday, 27 November 2015, is one massive sales opportunity provided that you and your web site are ready and able to meet the demand.

Plan your web collateral well in advance so the search engines get chance to crawl and index your content in time too. Look at bidding on topical keywords too.

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  • Ensure you have up to date policies and your social media manager knows and understands them
  • Invest time in learning about the different platforms and their business use potential before setting them up
  • Consider your top three income generators and research relevant on line content and profile
  • Set success criteria for engagement
  • Decide how you will measure and monitor activity
  • Set clear goals for social media manager
  • Review, Evaluate and Evolve your organisations use of social and digital media
  • Engagement is key – ensure your team know who to engage with and how to engage relevantly

Social networking and digital marketing is changing the way we promote our businesses. Businesses are embracing  the marketing and communication opportunities offered by sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn, but, who does this work?

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Critical for the success of any website and should never be overlooked. Good usability can improve the performance of your website and increase your chances of success. It can also boost sales and revenue for your business.

For your website to successful, it should not only look good but also provide a seamless user experience for visitors. 

In web design, good website usability is about making it easy for visitors to find the information they need quickly and easily.

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  1. Consider the types of people you want as fans, followers etc.
  2. Plan a strategy and activity of engagement.
  3. Make sure you only post great content that is relevant for those people.
  4. Look into what is popular on the platforms where your target market is most active.
  5. Take time to research what your competitors are using social media to achieve.
  6. Look into what has worked well on your own platforms eg what got the most likes/shares etc.
  7. Be sure to post content on the best days and at the best times of the week when your audience is online.
  8. Only include your location if its appropriate and relevant.
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How often do you search for yourself on line? You'd be surprised at the number of top execs and senior business owners who don't. It just doesn't make sense. The top place I look for someone is on #LinkedIn and for something or an organisation is via #Google.

Check your on line presence regularly and don't forget to do an image search.

How you are portrayed on line is key to credibility and relevancy. Are you regularly investing time in checking, maintaining and managing both yourself and your organisation's digital reputation.

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