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IT & Project Management

We can assist, help, deliver on numerous subjects allowing the client or IT team to focus on their element of a business change or project.

IT & Project Management

IT is not everybodys Forte. Likewise you cannot be an expert at everything. IT is a very broad subject now and is spread across several professions. Some IT Professionals are Messaging experts, others are Infrastructure, some Virtualisation and the list goes on.

At Designated Associates we have and do work on a variety of projects for and with clients as we have consultants who are specialists in their fields. We do not cover all IT subjects as that would require the management of a huge team of people as IT is diverse. We can assist, help, deliver on numerous subjects allowing the client or IT team to focus on their element of a business change or project.

Project Management is something which is required within any organisation. Either formally via a Project Management Office or Department or as part of projects that the organisational runs throughout the year to bring change of some description. 

We can provide and/or assist with these projects from conception at the Mandate or Business Case stage right through delivery and into post completion such asLessons Learned. There are several methods for delivering projects depending upon what it that is being delivered. For example a larger transformation project my conform the PRINCE2 methodology where development projects may use Agile and have several sprints for release versions.

Our clients have also employed our services in an interim role to act as a bridge and even an independent. Clients being both the customer and supplier.

Please see below to view a very small sampling of previous work and to understand how we can help your business, the organisation or how we can become a temporary part of your IT and/or Project team. Contact us today to discuss.

Project - Marketing Cheshire

Project Management of CRM implementation by 3rd party.


Northwest Leisure & Tourism organisation Marketing Cheshire required project management services as they were engaging a systems implementer for a new CRM system. The role required specification and requirements definition, liaising with the stakeholders, managing the 3rd party and ensuring that the project was delivered to specification.

IT - General Motors

Implementation of Microsoft Project Server & SharePoint

general motors

Required to work with the Internal Systems & Support IT team implementing a new Microsoft Project Server & integrated SharePoint platform for document collaboration and cross department project management. Required Microsoft Stack knowledge and skills. Windows, SQL, Project, SharePoint, AD etc...

Project - Experian

Management Information & Reporting Project Management


Required to Project Manage several MI&R workstreams across a business group of four businesses as Experian was undertaking a large transformation programme inline with organisation requirements and additional regulation from the Financial Conduct Authority.

Role also including acting as the Management Information specialist and assisting each business with their MI&R development.

IT - Heraeus

Server, Networking and system Support.


Replaced branch office server. Worked with existing organistion Exchange configuration. MS SQL. Configured Cisco devices for WAN and provided support.

Microsoft stack skills required. Windows, Exchange, SQL, AD, Backup, Network, Cisco etc...