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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Use CRM technology to organise and automate customer service, track and manage sales, provide opportunity management, Sales promotion and marketing analysis.

GoldMine is a very mature CRM product that started in the early 1990's. It has grown to be one of the top CRM solutions of choice and was even selected as the launch partner for Microsoft Vista. The solution has nearly 2 million users and goes from strength to strength.

Out of the box CRM ready to go with some truly powerful features included.

Goldmine is a great solution for small teams and business and scales right up to large corporates. It comes in several flavours and works for nearly every industry. Very configurable with a host of features out of the box such as tele-scripts, custom screens for different users, opportunity and project management, case management, reporting etc...

GoldMine Premium - Desktop on-premise solution.
GoldMine Cloud - Internet based solution.
GoldMine Enterprise - Larger implementations.
GoldMine Web / iGoldMine / GoldMine Mobile - Have GoldMine available all of the time.

GoldMine Corporate - Unavailable for new users (Many organisations are still using succesfully).
GoldMine Standard - Discontinued (Many organisations are still using successfully).


Easy to Use
You are never more than one click away from detailed info. Attend a webinar or view the latest webinars.
Award Winning
Ranked Best in SMB CRM for Ease of Use and Features & Functionality by users from Gleanster Research.
Goldmine offers an all in one solution that is the most affordable compared to other options, including subscription based packages.
Take powerful relationship-building capabilities wherever you and your users go. We offer options to suit your needs.
Mobile Friendly
GoldMine provides users with access options for mobile and remote users. Get critical, real-time CRM information on the go.